I love Salt – Sweet Tobacco


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I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco is the perfect flavor concoction for those who are avid fans of tobacco. This tasty salt nicotine treat is loaded with tobacco flavor, while also having to make room for vanilla and custard flavors, resulting in the sweet tobacco vape you would expect.

Sweet Tobacco by I Love Salts is a tobacco vape that we’re sure you all can appreciate. From the start to its finish, you will absolutely adore the sweet taste that it offers with every puff you take. When you inhale, your taste buds are flooded with delicious vanilla and custard flavor, while immediately after getting a ramping taste of mild tobacco. As you exhale, the process repeats, yet you are left with a lingering taste that continues to absorb into the pores of your tongue. It is truly a remarkable flavor creation, and anyone who enjoys tobacco flavors will love the taste of this delicious vape juice.

Nicotine Strength

30ml/25mg, 30ml/50mg, 60ml/3mg


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