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ASAP Grape By Nasty Juice 60ml,3mg
ASAP Grape by Nasty vape Ejuice consists of black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits, as well as a slight hint of menthol. Therefore, you must try. Besides, you should stock.

For most people, the flavor of juicy purple grapes brings back happy childhood memories. This thirst-quenching fruit satisfies the sweet tooth with intense sugary goodness. Even as adults, we can work our way through an entire bag of plump grapes in no time. That’s why Nasty Juice has given us ASAP Grape vape juice, a yummy grape flavor that tastes just like a handful of delicious purple grapes.

ASAP Grape vape juice tastes incredibly authentic thanks to its ingredients. For ASAP Grape ejuice, Nasty Juice carefully concocted the most intense grape flavor imaginable with the best ingredients out there. Therefore, each inhales and exhales of ASAP Grape eliquid is a refreshing experience that doesn’t have that synthetic aftertaste.

With every inhale of ASAP Grape vape juice, fresh grape flavor washes over the palate. First, the tang of ripe grapes makes the tongue tingle. Then, when you exhale, the natural sweetness of the grapes, ripe berry and other fruits explodes, giving the sweet satisfaction. There is also a slight hint of menthol at the end to round out the flavor.

Grape lovers must get their hands on ASAP Grape vape juice. The intensity of that clean and pure grape flavor will make the tongue do its happy dance as soon as you take your first puff.

Nicotine Strength

35mg, 3MG, 50mg


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